Zero Waste Floss


Ready for plastic free flossing? Flosspot is a mini mason jar filled with luxurious 100% biodegradable dental floss, lightly waxed with candelilla for strength and ease of use between tight teeth. Not only is this floss lab tested for purity, it is fully compostable! No more nasty nylon threads between your teeth, and no more plastic waste associated with flossing. Double-win!

Available in 2 varieties: 

  • Flosspot Gold, a vegan plant-based variety made from corn fibre and packaged in a stainless steel mini mason jar. Natural ginger-mint coating. (50m)
  • Flosspot, made from silk and packaged in a glass mini mason jar. (40m)

The reusable and refillable mini mason jar comes with one spool of floss, refills sold separately here

Canadian. Compostable. USDA Bio-based Certified. Gluten-free. Nut-free facility.


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