Anise + Clove Tooth Cleanse


Anise & Clove Tooth Cleanse works to heal receding gums and helps to prevent cavities. Also, because it doesn’t contain any glycerin, it won’t block your teeth from remineralizing.

Essential oil of clove supports gum health, and anise essential oil sweetens the flavour and promotes good digestion.

Three little drops per brush is all that's needed.

Ingredients: Castille soap* (water | saponified coconut* | sunflower* and castor oils* | citric acid | and rosemary extract*), Distilled water, Myrrh tincture* (myrrh* and biodynamic grape spirits*), Essential oils of anise*, Clove*

* Organic 

Made in the USA

Fat and the Moon is focused on working with plants that are abundant, ethically harvested, and organically cultivated. These are then combined in formulations that are radically non-toxic. Their priority is to use reusable, recyclable containers, and to minimize superfluous packaging.

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