Baby Bolga Basket


Artisans in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana weave this mini Bolga basket from beautiful, resilient elephant grass. Perfect as a gift or picnic basket, market bag, storage, or for foraging in the garden. Soft, rust coloured leather provides a comfortable grip.

Measures roughly 8" x 8"

**This product is handmade and as a result, each will be unique. For us, this is the appeal of handmade wares, and we hope that you feel the same. Slight differences/imperfections in shape, size, and colour are to be expected, and celebrated.

Bolga baskets ship flattened. Easily shape your basket by wetting the straw and shaping the basket with your hands, before allowing it to dry. Do not soak.

We are proud to work with suppliers committed to fair trade, equitable and sustainable partnerships, and the health of the planet alongside people. 

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