Artemis at Dawn Body Powder


Fresh out the bath, body powder absorbs sweat and makes the environment inhospitable to those little bacterial friends who make us stinky. A little Artemis at Dawn keeps the skin moving smoothly with a silky feel. 

To use, pour out a smidge of the Bod Powder in your hands and apply to the regions prone to sweat. Can be applied with a body brush. Safe to use in all nether zones. External use only.

Also lovely as a deodorant for those who like to powder, rather than paste, their pits


Ingredients: Arrowroot starch*, kaolin clay, essential oils of patchouli*, black pepper*, rose geranium*

* Organic

 Fat and the Moon is focused on working with plants that are abundant, ethically harvested, and organically cultivated. These are then combined in formulations that are radically non-toxic. Their priority is to use reusable, recyclable containers, and to minimize superfluous packaging.

Made in the USA

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