Dry Shampoo


This natural dry shampoo is handcrafted in Vancouver, BC and comes responsibly packaged in an aluminum bottle. The ultra light powder easily shakes on to prolong time between washes and support a healthier scalp and hair.  

Available in 2 varieties:

Rose Hair Powder

Rose helps elevate mood and promotes feelings of wellbeing. It also has antiseptic properties when applied topically. Cedarwood promotes hair growth, helps with inflammation, and is an anti-fungal. This dry shampoo doubles as a hair growth treatment and prevents fungal growth on the scalp.  

Ingredients: Arrowroot Powder, French Green Clay, Rose Oil, Cedarwood Oil, and Nag Champa Oil

Vanilla + Chocolate Orange Hair Powder 

Created for darker hair, but light enough for all shades. Orange oil soothes the scalp and keeps it fresh in between washes. Orange is a natural antibacterial agent and promotes circulation to the scalp.  

Ingredients: Arrowroot powder, French Green Clay, Cocoa Powder, Walnut hull, Vanilla Oil, and Orange Oil.


Conscious Care's philosophy: Conscious Care uses a balance of plant medicine and earth energy to create potent healing products. They incorporate the power that nature provides us by creating all products under the full and new moon. During the lunar cycles tremendous amounts of healing energy are emitted, and this is used to evoke and instil healing intentions into each and every one of the Conscious Care products. The main objective of Conscious Care is to offer high quality and conscious ingredients while weaving Mother Earth's healing, love, and care into the end product. Where possible, organic, local, and wild crafted ingredients are sourced. The Conscious Care line is not tested on animals (except boyfriends) and are hand-crafted in small batches.


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