Safety Razor Kit


The safety razor kit comes in a beautiful wooden box and includes everything to you need to begin your sustainable shaving journey:

  •  safety razor                           
  •  citrus shave bar
  • agave exfoliating cloth
  • pack of 5 double edge platinum blades

Safety razors offer a lot of practical benefits, such as a superior shave with less irritation and ingrown hairs, and are much more affordable than disposables over time because you only have to routinely replace the inexpensive blades - you can't say the same about multi-blade cartridges! Safety razors are also gentle on the environment, thanks to plastic-free parts, infinitely recyclable blades, and handles that will last a lifetime. This traditional double edge safety razor has a 90mm handle.

well kept's citrus shave soap creates a luxurious, yet light lather. Lemon, grapefruit, orange, bergamot, and chamomile are infused into this deeply hydrating bar. When used with the safety razor it provides an ultra smooth shave – leaving skin nourished and lightly scented. This bar comes with a convenient linen carry pouch with drawstring closure for easy travel. 

The biodegradable 100% agave fibre cloth is best used as an exfoliator, to help soften skin before shaving. This product is part of a stewardship program that helps to provide in-school lunches to impoverished children in Mexico. Yay! Measures: 12″ x 14″


To use: Do not apply pressure when using this razor, simply hold the handle gently and let the weight of the razor head glide over your skin. Enjoy the closest shave and the smoothest skin you've ever had! 

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