4oz Massage - Neptune

Ground control to Major Tom - this invigorating scent is sure to send you into Orbit. Rich notes of sage, eucalyptus and ginger will leave your sinuses feeling cleansed and your body soothed.

Salt Spring Island Candle Co. was born from a desire to make clean-burning plant based candles while utilizing the best aromatherapy oils to create truly unique scents inspired from Canada's West Coast.

As a small 2nd generation family run business, husband and wife team Jay & Mishka Campbell take pride in creating premium soy candles.

- Made with Organic Shea Butter
- Organic Coconut Oil
- Ethically Sourced
- 100% Natural Soy Wax
- 100% Pure Essential Oils
- Eco-Friendly
- Hand Poured in Canada
- 4oz - 25+ hours burn time

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