Artisanal Beeswax Tealight Candles


Handmade in BC with 100% pure local beeswax, these beautiful candles create a long-lasting, warm glow that is ideal for the dinner table, and every occasion that calls for an inviting ambiance. 

Created with simple, environmentally-friendly ingredients: pure Canadian beeswax + cotton wicks. Free from carcinogens, solvents, lead, zinc, and toxins.

Tea Lights come in recyclable aluminum cup

measures 3/4" h x 1 1/2" d; burn time 4-5 hours

**Our candle makers are committed to sourcing wax from ethical beekeepers. They support beekeepers who love their bees and want to preserve them. In addition, our makers donate financially to honey bee research. By supporting beekeeping, awareness is raised to the plight of all pollinator species. Collecting beeswax is part of honey harvest and a natural by-product of pollination.

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