Bamboo Charcoal Water Filters


Love the taste of fresh, clean water but not so down with plastic water filters? Us too. Thankfully, our friends at Miyabi have a solution: bamboo charcoal water filters that are completely compostable at the end of their life!

Bamboo charcoal's porous surface area effectively absorbs tap water and airborne impurities. These little powerhouses remove chlorine, chloride, phosphorus, ammonia, toluene (alcohol), nitrogen, chloramine (ammonia and chlorine compound added to water to kill pathogens), and even toxins like pesticides that can seep into tap water. 

Adding bamboo charcoal to your drinking water will help purify and improve taste, and when it's ready to retire you can toss in the compost, or add to your garden and potted plants to add vital nutrients to the soil!

Available in 2 sizes: Regular pieces for jugs and carafes to be stored in the fridge, and Skinny Sticks that are perfect size for water bottles to be used on the go (can also be used in carafes). Both options come with a 3+ month supply.

Follow these three simple steps:
1. Rinse, boil for 5 minutes, and dry in the sun.
2. Add to one litre of tap water. Miyabi recommends 3 pieces per litre of water. Add more pieces for larger containers.
3. Let stand for 1 hour and drink! Your charcoal should last around 4-6 weeks depending on quality of your tap water.

 Made in Japan


About Miyabi:

Bamboo has an astounding growth rate, making these a far more sustainable option than charcoal filters made from trees. Miyabi specifically utilizes bamboo that would otherwise be waste, as it's a product of culling that must occur in Japan in order to protect indigenous forests from being overgrown. In addition, charcoal made from bamboo is 10 times more absorptive than that from trees, so it's the best functioning, and most sustainable solution we've come across for water filtration.

Miyabi gives back where they can, and have donated to Women of Colour and PLAN (a network of student leaders working to create a world without waste). Miyabi packaging is made from 100% recycled content.


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