Wool Dryer Balls (set of 3)


Handmade in Ontario, these wool dryer balls can be used in place of conventional dryer sheets. They reduce drying time, eliminate static, soften clothing, and help to eliminate wrinkles. If you want your laundry to have a lovely scent, simply add a couple drops of your favourite essential oil to each ball. Each purchase includes three dryer balls.

By reducing drying time, they save on electricity & preserve the lifespan of your clothing - and help the planet. Pure felted wool dryer balls absorb moisture in your dryer, and as the balls bounce around they create air circulation between your clothing. The result is softer clothes that dry faster.

  • 100% natural, without dyes, chemicals or perfumes
  • made from Canadian wool
  • will not harm fabrics
  • perfect for fluffing up duvets and linens
  • can last 500+ loads


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