Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate


Adaptogenic, spicy, and transformational, this drinking chocolate is an enchanting blend of organic and wildcrafted herbs in a base of raw cacao. Elevates the spirit, livens the mood, uplifts, vitalizes, and energizes. 

Use to make traditional drinking chocolate, or add to smoothies, coffee, elixirs. 

Ingredients: raw cacao, licorice root, true cinnamon, ginger, cayenne, reishi, chaga, cloves, pine pollen.

All ingredients are either permaculturally grown, ethically wild harvested or certified organic. 


THE NEW NEW AGE is a medicinal herb farm and nature sanctuary located in the Otter River Valley of Southwestern Ontario, Canada, where they grow, forage and produce transcendent, healing herbal products.

Inspired by the interconnectedness of human and environmental health, they are committed to providing the highest quality medicinal, culinary and tonic herbs on the planet and take great care to ensure that all of the products they offer are comprised of only the highest quality, whole food ingredients. 


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