Kooshoo Organic Hair Ties

These organic, biodegradable hair ties last way longer than regular hair ties, and the natural components make them a nontoxic addition to your hair care routine. Just toss them in the compost when ready to retire!
  • Ethically and responsibly made in California
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Hand dyed using low impact dye
  • This pack comes with 5 long-lasting hair ties
  • Great for thick hair, kids, athletes and as wristbands 

material & care:

  • GOTS certified organic cotton + natural rubber
  • Hand dyed using GOTS and OEKO-TEX dyes
  • Wash cold with like colors; lay flat to dry

**Please note: Due to these ties being hand dyed, the colour may run 1st wash. 


KOSHOO was created around the core values of honesty, transparency, and love. They are dedicated to finding and working alongside ethical and sustainable companies; and they work with local family businesses that weave, dye, cut, sew, and package all their products in LA. They donate time, profit, and product on an ongoing basis, because they believe in the power using their business as a means to uplifting others. 

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