Rosehip Toner


Boreal Folk rose hip toner is a true hydrosol made from steam distilling wild rose hips in a copper still using traditional methods. Hydrosols are produced by distilling fresh plant materials into therapeutic and aromatic waters. This product has a light floral scent- smelling of fresh plump rose hips & soft roses. This beautifully rare hydrosol is cleansing, rejuvenating & anti-inflammatory.

Key Ingredients

Rosehips: Extremely high in naturally occurring vitamin C. Particularly good for toning as well as tightening the skin. Rosehips rebalance the skin's pH and soothe inflamed skin or redness. 

Glycerin: Is an emollient that can soften and soothe the skin. Because it is a humectant, it attracts moisture from the air and locks it into the skin. 

Ingredients: Steam distilled spring aqua (water), rosa canina (wild harvested rosehips), organic glycerin, rose absolute (jojoba & rose oil). 

2 oz reusable, recyclable glass bottle  

Usage: Use as facial toner by spritzing onto the face before moisturizing. Can also be sprayed throughout the day onto the face & body as a refreshing and uplifting mist. 

*Please note that these hydrosols are steam distilled with wild plants harvested in their peak season. Once we are sold out, we must wait until the next harvest season before restocking this product!

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