Hot + Cold Brew Bottle


3 ways to enjoy hydration and caffeination on-the-go, without creating all the usual waste:

1. Pour Over: Take your favorite part of your morning routine with you. Pour hot water over ground coffee, put the lid on, and get ready to tackle your day with caffeine in hand.

2. Cold Brew: Upgrade your daily commute while you sleep. Scoop in coffee grounds, pour in water, and place in the fridge overnight -- wake up to 12 oz. of delicious cold brew.

3. Loose Leaf Tea: Make freshly brewed tea in a snap. Pour hot water over your favorite loose leaf tea and let it steep to perfection while you finish getting ready.

12oz / 350ml

Care: Wash before use. Clean all parts after each use. All parts are dishwasher safe. It’s best to put the lid and filter on the top rack only. With daily use, oils will build up in the filter. Soma recommends a fragrance-free mild soap with water and a good brush for daily cleaning. Once per month you can soak your filter in a 2:1 water to vinegar.

Soma believes that clean drinking water is a basic human right. That’s why they are a proud sponsor of charity: water, and partner with them in their mission to bring safe drinking water to over 663 million people without access to it. Soma strives to reduce their global impact by investing in conservation-based forestry, using post consumer waste and recyclable materials, and ensuring responsible chain partners. 

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