Hello and welcome!

I'm Natasha, the founder of Green Bohème, an online eco store based on Vancouver Island. I began my zero waste journey in the spring of 2018, after learning that plastic waste is one of the biggest threats facing the environment today. I quickly realized that most of the products we use on a daily basis are comprised of a lot of plastic components and packaging - the overwhelming majority of which ends up in our landfills and waterways, where it harms wildlife and poisons the soil and water supply as it degrades over hundreds of years. This was when I decided it was important to approach sustainability from a holistic viewpoint: it wasn't enough to buy plastic free eco products; I also wanted to support companies committed to making a positive impact through their green initiatives, high ethical standards, and fair practices. For months, I struggled to find products within my community that aligned with my new mindset, and the seed for Green Bohème was planted. I reasoned if this was a concern I was having, there must be others within my community (and beyond) who would benefit from having quality products for sustainable living easily accessible, in one convenient place.

Green Bohème merchandise has been carefully researched with Mother Earth in mind, but if you think there's an even better alternative available, please let me know! This is a passion project for me, and more than anything, I want to start a conversation about sustainable living. No one person can do it alone. I welcome recommendations for new products, and questions or comments regarding the ones currently stocked. 

Thank you for choosing to support small business and invest in a healthier future.

x Natasha