Konjac Sponge


Your beauty routine has never been this easy. Our Konjac sponge cleans and exfoliates your skin in one step - no soap required! These powerhouses are 100% natural, biodegradable, and vegan. They are made from vegetable fibres, and it's naturally irregular texture makes it a gentle exfoliator.

What you can expect:

  • deep cleansing
  • refined pores
  • radiant and rejuvenated skin
  • balanced skin pH
  • free from colouring agents or additives

Find the perfect sponge for your skin type:

Rose Flower:  Infused with rose extract, this konjac sponge is soft, soothing and calming, making it perfect for the most sensitive skin. Evens and brightens the complexion at the same time!

Green Tea:  Infused with green tea, this sponge  is full of detoxifying antioxidants, and is tailor made to remove impurities. With its antibacterial properties, it is perfect for normal and combination skin.

Activated Bamboo Charcoal: For oily and problematic skins. Activated charcoal has the power to act like a magnet: it absorbs the sebum, gets rid of impurities, and leaves your skin fresh, clean and matte.


To use: Before use, rinse the sponge with warm water. Gently massage the face with circular motions. Allow the sponge to dry before storage. Always allow the sponge to fully absorb water before use. Lasts 2-3 months, or around 100 uses. Toss in the compost once your ready to replace.



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